Interservices S.A. is a fully privately owned company, founded in 1990, to provide insurance and shipping related services with the immense and invaluable support of many P&I Clubs, Lloyd’s Agency of Corporation of Lloyd’s and many leading companies on the international insurance market.

The company successfully capitalized on the well established and recognized expertise of its founders, Luciana Mancas, a Magna Cum Laude graduate in International Economic Relations of Academy of Economic Science at Bucharest, and a Magna Cum Laude postgraduate Master of Science in Maritime Law, who worked before 1990 for P&I insurance as Correspondent within ADAS organization, the state owned insurance company, and Gabriel Mancas, a lawyer specialized in international trade and shipping law, who worked, prior to incorporation of Interservices S.A., as a senior counsel in the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Trade.

Interservices S.A. is currently acting from three Romanian offices at Bucharest, Constantza and Galatz as P&I Correspondents for all the Clubs in the International Group in all Romanian Black Sea Ports and Danube River Ports, and as Lloyd’s Agents at Bucharest, Average Agents of Verein Hanseatischer Transportversicherer e.V. and Correspondents of The American Institute of Marine Underwriters.

The company is a member of European P&I Correspondents Group (EPIC), a strong quality-oriented and professional group of European based P&I Correspondents, insurance and claims consultants, and the founder of the Romanian Association of Maritime Consultants and Average Agents.

Interservices S.A. has become a brand name in the region through the professionalism of its staff members and the company’s logo is a trademark for the company’s core competencies under the protection of OSIM – The State Office for Inventions and Marks.