The commitment and the company’s activities place particular emphasis upon quality, experience, expertise, professionalism and loyalty of the staff members and consultants and reliability, durability and traceability of its services.

Interservices S.A. is constantly concerned with quality improvement of the services and the company’s policy is to establish, document, maintain and trace an efficient and effective quality system, planned, developed in conjunction with all its functions, understood and accepted by all company’s staff members and consultants.

The staff members, irrespective of seniority and expertise acquired in the company, should strictly observe the general and particular rules and company’s procedures and standards and follow in-house training courses, held periodically, without any disruption of the company’s business.

Updating and upgrading of the professional knowledge and practical skills on a comprehensive basis is a continuous process, self generating within the company’s feedback working system, closely kept under the surveillance of the company’s top management and the procedures designated team.

The General manager is fully committed that the company’s quality system is being improved, documented and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the reference standard ISO 9001:2015.

The Quality manager, as the management representative, has defined authority to maintain, verify and report on the performance of the company’s system and individual performance on basis of objective criteria and evidence.

Providing the highest possible quality of services is the core issue of the company’s policy and the quality of the staff members and management of the company’s services is the key point.