Mancas Legal Journal

We will be enthusiastically endeavouring to provide regularly on Interservices S.A.’s online legal journal copies of the Romanian Court Judgements, together with a full translation or a summary  thereof in English,  accompanied by our comments on matters which were always of the greatest interest to the shipping and insurance community, legal practitioners and law students.  Interservices S.A.’s online legal journal will also publish comments, opinions, articles, case notes and studies on all aspects of law.

Special emphasis is placed on the contemporary development of shipping, insurance and private international law.

Interservices S.A. welcome the contribution of anyone, either legal practitioners, teachers, students and judges, who are happy to share their new ideas and keep the community abreast of development and progress of law.

Editor of  Interservices S.A.’s on site legal journal  can be contacted by the email address: