Interservices S.A. is largely involved in claims handling, surveying, consultancy, claims settling, loss prevention, risk control management and legal assistance in association with Vlad Mancas Law Office.

Interservices S.A. handles a wide scope of matters such as cargo claims, injury and death claims, wreck removal, dock damage, stranding, sinking, oil spillage, surveying of machinery, equipment, project cargoes, bulk shipments, steel and various other commodities, surveying hull damage, marine engines, aircraft engines, docks, ports, warehouses, transport infrastructure, inland conveyances, cargo transport units, cargo handling equipment, art and antiques and not the least surveying and investigating large casualties and carriage or insurance frauds, by its staff members  and external consultants hired, when necessary.

Interservices S.A. developed a special line of business by providing a comprehensive assistance, under the direct management of the company’s CEO, Luciana Mancas, to the owners of merchant vessels and cruise lines, with regard to personal injury, sickness and death claims, developing and running its own service network of best medical consultants, rigorously selected throughout the time.

The company’s strategy, which is vigorously pursued, is to maximize continuously the quality of services on cost effective basis and ensure permanently that the company is capable to offer and provide a complete, comprehensive package of case related services through its staff members’ deep knowledge, skill, expertise, awareness and understanding of the local culture, laws and environment, part and parcel of Interservices S.A.’s trading assets.

The reliability, traceability, durability and compliance of the company’s services with the internationally recognized standards, the company’s procedures and its deontological code is the core of  Interservices S.A.’s day to day activity, which widened the scope of matters  handled by it.